Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mike Huckabee's Reaction to John McCain's VP Pick - Sarah Palin

John McCain's surprise Vice Presidential selection of Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, garnered joyous reaction from the Republicans, conservatives, and Hillary Clinton supporters that felt mistreated and abused by the Democratic party. But what did former Governor of Arkansas and former runner-up in the 2008 Republican primaries think about being passed up by McCain for the VP slot? Here is his reaction on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes show:

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"I'm thrilled with Sarah Palin; brilliant choice," was Huckabee's opinion on this VP pick. It completely negated the media's "day after" coverage of Barack Obama's acceptance speech and historical nomination the previous night. Huckabee also makes it a clear that Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama has just from being mayor of a city. Huckabee then proceeds to bat away every attack Alan Colmes used against Palin.

I personally believe Sarah Palin is a near-perfect vice presidential pick for John McCain. Palin secures the conservative base of the Republican party. She makes social conservatives extremely happy with her strong pro-life and marriage stances. She doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. When she found out that her 5th child was going to be born with Down Syndrome 4 months into her pregnancy, she decided to give birth and not abort like many mothers would have done. Fiscal conservatives have nothing to complain about either, as she lowered taxes in Alaska as Governor and has put an end to the state's wasteful spending. She attracted national fame by blocking Congress' pork-barrel spending projects such as the "bridge to nowhere."

Another reason why Sarah Palin was a great VP pick is because she "makes history," just like Barack Obama has, by becoming the first female to appear on a Republican presidential ticket and has the potential of being the first female ever, to become the Vice President of the United States. Palin also takes away Obama's appeal even further, by being a TRUE agent of "change." Obama merely talks about "change" ad nauseam. Palin has actually changed the corrupt Alaskan government for the better from inside out. She otherwise would not have the 80%+ approval rating she currently enjoys in the state that she is governing.

Sarah Palin has a ton of experience in regards to a solution in getting the U.S. off our addiction and reliance on foreign oil. Her in-depth knowledge on matters of energy resources will be of great value if she was to become the next Vice President. If given the opportunity, she will be an integral part in attempting to achieve energy independence.

The real "game changer" may be the fact that Sarah Palin appeals to all of the disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters who are still angry at the lack of respect their candidate of choice received, similar to the treatment Mike Huckabee received from his own party, the media, and even Evangelical leaders in the primaries. These Clinton supporters were looking for a good reason to support John McCain and vote for him. Well, Sarah Palin is more than a good reason. Palin's successful career, her strong will and determination, her intelligence, membership to Feminists for Life, ability to balance her career as a mayor and Governor with being a mother of 5, and willingness to "cross party lines" to get things accomplished is more than enough reason for Clinton supporters to feel good about switching party affiliation and vote for John McCain come this November. Heck, you don't even have to be an unhappy Hillary supporter to now vote for McCain/Palin. All mothers across the nation can now relate with this incredible woman and may think twice about voting for Democrats, a 3rd party, or not voting at all.

Sarah Palin excites the conservative base along with many, many Hillary supporters to become active in campaigning for John McCain, as well as donate funds, when they otherwise might not have. Barack Obama's grassroots support is overwhelming, while McCain's grassroots support WAS almost non-existent. McCain now has 2 potent groups of grassroots support to help him knock on doors, make phone calls, and blog on the Internet.

When Alan Colmes asked Huckabee, "Do you believe that John McCain would've chosen Sarah Palin, if Hillary Clinton were on the Democratic ticket, on either the top or bottom of the ticket?" Huckabee's response: "Well, you know what? I'm not sure, but it doesn't matter because Obama didn't pick Hillary. He said no to 18 million voters for her. But I'll tell you what McCain did... he said yes to women of this country."

The most used attack against Palin is her supposed lack of experience. Alan Colmes tried using this attacking point with Huckabee by asking "Do you believe Sarah Palin is ready, from 'day 1,' if God forbid, something happens to John McCain, to be President of the United Stats (referring to Palin)?" Huckabee wisely answers, "I think she's far more ready to be President, if something happens to McCain, than Barack Obama would be, if something DOESN'T happen to McCain." "

The liberals and Democrats are now scared. Scared that their nominee has a very real possibility of losing an election in which ANY Democrat would have been heavily favored in winning the Presidency this year. They were not prepared for Sarah Palin. They had their ads all ready to air, full of Mitt Romney attacks against John McCain, hoping McCain would be dumb enough to listen to the Republican establishment, talk radio, and biased media when deciding his VP pick.

All Sarah Palin has to do is brush up on her foreign policy debating skills (most elected officials (Governor or Senator) DO NOT have any foreign policy experience), do well against Joe Biden in their debate (he will be very tough, but so is she), not make any significant gaffes, and help McCain make some good speeches on the campaign trail for the next 2 months.

Entire Ohio rally, where John McCain introduced Sarah Palin:

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