Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Response to the Obama/Wright Controversy From a Pastor Turned Politician


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Mike Huckabee, an ordained Baptist Minister/Pastor of 12 years, became one of Arkansas' best Governors for 10 and a half years. Huckabee, more than any pundit on TV, understands both sides of the Barack Obama / Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. Even though Huckabee is not African American, he fully understands the segregation of America's past and present, being born in Arkansas and having lived there for most of his life.

In this revealing interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, Mike Huckabee talks about his Iowa victory in early January, how well Barack Obama handled the Jeremiah Wright controversy, and then spoke about segregation.

Although I personally do not fully agree with Mike Huckabee's statements of how Obama handled this situation, I do agree with Huckabee when he said that we have to "cut some slack to people" like Wright who experienced racism first-hand and the fact that anyone of any race, who experienced those things would probably have the same "chip" on our shoulders, maybe more.

This interview shows once again, how understanding, compassionate, and insightful Mike Huckabee is. He can see things in different perspectives that many others cannot or refuse to see and understand. He says things that many politicians, leaders, and media personalities fail to say... either due to fear, ignorance, and/or lack of insight. Mike Huckabee was a great pastor, is a great politician, a great leader, and overall, a great person.

The interview ends with Foo Fighter's "My Hero."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mike Huckabee Speaks to Bill O'Reilly - 3/11/08

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Mike Huckabee gets interviewed on the O'Reilly Factor and sounds off on Eliot Spitzer's sex scandal, 1 night before Spitzer resigns his position as the Governor of New York. Huckabee wants people to be sympathetic towards Spitzer's wife and 3 daughters. He couldn't believe Spitzer had all the time and money to be so involved with a sex scandal.

O'Reilly then asks Governor Huckabee about how he would contest either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama if he (Huckabee) was the Republican nominee. Mike Huckabee said that Clinton's "experience" in the White House should not be credited to her, because it was Bill Clinton's experience she's claiming as her own. He also said that you must be very careful when running against a female opponent. Through his personal experience, Huckabee understands that one cannot be too soft nor too hard towards female candidates.

When asked about Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee says that you must embrace his "style," and not criticize the excitement Obama was able to generate. Governor Huckabee compliments Senator Obama's ability to create new voters and supporters. To combat Obama, Huckabee would point out how expensive all of Obama's ideas and plans would ultimately cost tax payers and how much more debt we'd incur as a result.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Million-Dollar Question: What Should Mike Huckabee Do Now?

Everyone is curious as to what Mike Huckabee's next step is going to be. The media has been wondering and wondering, even before Governor Huckabee came in "2nd place," and exited the race on March 4. So, what is the next move for the most talented, sincere, and amazing politician, speaker, and leader this world has seen in decades (if not more)?

Well, my answer is, depending on what happens the rest of this year, I believe Mike Huckabee needs to become the national spokesperson and leading activist for the FairTax. Huckabee already has a very good grasp of what the FairTax is and what it can do to really change the United States and indirectly, this world. He has brought this potentially revolutionary tax system from an unknown, scary idea (much like Mike himself), to become something a substantial amount of this country now has a good idea of how it can change America's economy. Huckabee's numerous speeches during his campaign has spread the word and "sown the seed" of the FairTax across America.

The FairTax platform could very well be the best way for Mike Huckabee to keep his name, his ideas, his policies, his record, and his presence in the American public for years to come. I suppose Governor Huckabee can also write books on the FairTax, since he has already written 5 great books, but some people have already done a good job in writing books about the FairTax (ie. Neal Boortz).

Here's something else to take into consideration. Even if Huckabee was to become President in 2009 (which still is not a complete impossibility), he would still need to convince enough Americans to support this radical change to our taxation system (which would be near impossible given the duties of a President) if he wants to have the FairTax passed. Congress, Washington D.C., "fiscal conservatives," tax preparers, and other cynics would not allow something so radical to be passed into law without a vast amount of the American public supporting this new taxation system. If Huckabee doesn't become the Vice President or even President, this would be the best use of his time in the next few years. He'd be building a coalition and force Washington to take the FairTax seriously, while also keeping his original presidential platform alive.

To those people that think Mike Huckabee should be a TV and/or radio personality, I believe it would be awesome for his supporters, listening to and/or watching him and his messages. It would help boost his celebrity status even further and would be great for Huckabee's personal financial situation. However, it would be a disastrous career move for Huckabee's potential 2012 Presidential candidacy. If Mike Huckabee still has aspirations in being President, he cannot "lower" his status to become a member of the broadcast media.

This is just my personal idea and opinion of what Mike Huckabee's next major career move should be, depending on what happens the rest of this year. I truly believe this would be the perfect opportunity for Governor Huckabee to spend his time in the upcoming years. FairTax is a very radical departure from our current tax system. Huckabee, or anyone for that matter, would have to create a movement to specifically bring public awareness to this plan: getting rid of our current complacency in putting up with the IRS and the 60,000+ pages of tax code, by completely overhauling our tax system. Proponents of FairTax need to rally around Mike Huckabee, as does Huckabee supporters and voters, to rid ourselves of this intrusive and counter-productive income tax system and switch over to a comprehensive consumption taxation system.

Mike Huckabee on "Larry King Live" - March 6, 2008

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Governor Huckabee is extremely grateful proud of his dedicated supporters in Huck's Army and reiterates his desire to support the Republican party, as well as help struggling GOP campaigns. Huckabee wants to keep making paid speeches and write more books.

Ed Rollins' "Morning Joe" Live Interview

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Ed Rollins was Mike Huckabee's Campaign Chairman and Senior Adviser. He was also Ronald Reagan's former National Campaign Director in 1984. He came out of retirement to help Mike Huckabee out in December 2007.

Rollins spoke to MSNBC's Morning Joe co-hosts about Huckabee's 2008 campaign and potential future ambitions 1 day after Huckabee's telephone interview on the show and 3 days after the concession speech. Like Mike Huckabee, Ed Rollins also reflects back on the amazing 3 month journey and about all of the things Huckabee and his supporters (Huck's Army) have accomplished. The interview ends with Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain."

Mike Huckabee's "Morning Joe" Phone Interview 2 Days After Concession Speech

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MSNBC's "Morning Joe" always welcomed Mike Huckabee to speak on the show throughout the campaign. Host Joe Scarborough, co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist never took Huckabee's candidacy seriously and even occasionally made fun of him. However, towards the end of Mike Huckabee's run at the nomination, they finally realized how great of a politician, person, and leader Huckabee really was.

This was a great telephone interview in which Gov. Huckabee reflected on the hard-fought race where he eventually took "2nd place," with not even 1/5 of the staff of other campaigns, not even 1/10 of the funding, started out with virtually no name-recognition, no Republican establishment support, and had to fight against media bias as well as an Internet smear campaign.

Scarborough and Brzezinski ended the interview awed and extremely impressed with all that Mike Huckabee has accomplished. The MSNBC crew also ended the segment with a great song by Jimi Hendrix's rendition of "All Along the Watchtower."

Mike Huckabee's Complete 2008 Concession Speech

It has been a great campaign with lot of great memories. Mike Huckabee kept to his word and graciously bows out immediately after John McCain reached 1,191 delegates on eve of March 4, 2008 in Irving, Texas. This marks the end to the first chapter in Mike Huckabee's journey to becoming the President of the United States. Keep in mind, during the past 50+ years, no Republican Presidential nominee was picked on their first attempt except for George W. Bush, who no doubt was helped tremendously by his father's reputation.

Mike Huckabee will return in 4 years; better funded, having far greater name-recognition, and with a large, strong base to support him. 2012 is going to be the year Mike Huckabee returns to lead this movement in transforming the Republican party and America back to its former glory!

The Mike Huckabee Story

To start off my blog, I feel that everyone needs to watch this mini-biographical documentary of Mike Huckabee. This was originally created back in early 2007, before Mike Huckabee ran for the Presidential race in 2008.