Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Response to the Obama/Wright Controversy From a Pastor Turned Politician


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Mike Huckabee, an ordained Baptist Minister/Pastor of 12 years, became one of Arkansas' best Governors for 10 and a half years. Huckabee, more than any pundit on TV, understands both sides of the Barack Obama / Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. Even though Huckabee is not African American, he fully understands the segregation of America's past and present, being born in Arkansas and having lived there for most of his life.

In this revealing interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, Mike Huckabee talks about his Iowa victory in early January, how well Barack Obama handled the Jeremiah Wright controversy, and then spoke about segregation.

Although I personally do not fully agree with Mike Huckabee's statements of how Obama handled this situation, I do agree with Huckabee when he said that we have to "cut some slack to people" like Wright who experienced racism first-hand and the fact that anyone of any race, who experienced those things would probably have the same "chip" on our shoulders, maybe more.

This interview shows once again, how understanding, compassionate, and insightful Mike Huckabee is. He can see things in different perspectives that many others cannot or refuse to see and understand. He says things that many politicians, leaders, and media personalities fail to say... either due to fear, ignorance, and/or lack of insight. Mike Huckabee was a great pastor, is a great politician, a great leader, and overall, a great person.

The interview ends with Foo Fighter's "My Hero."


akprayingmom said...

This election has had many scandals and the media have eagerly thrown them toward Mike Huckabee, in great anticipation of the "red meat" he would hopefully make of his opponents mistakes and "skeletons." In every single situation, no matter whether it concerned democrat or republican, Mike Huckabee chose to lift them up rather than try to profit by tearing them down as all the pundits were doing. Mike Huckabee is a man of sagacious integrity, wit, and practical sense.
Mike Huckabee is a truly honorable and genuine American who wants to bring back the American Dream to anyone who wants to hope, work and live it. Mike wants to work for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. He respects the corporate boss, but really cares about the average hard working family in rural America. He understands us because he is one of us. He is unfailing in principle and would never compromise his values for a vote.
Here is the secret of Mike Huckabee in his own words.
"The greatness of this country has never been in it's government, but in the extraordinary things that its ordinary people are willing to do for their neighbors."
"We will be a strong nation that will apologize to no one for our strength."
"I'd like to be the kind of president that's more concerned about the people on Main Street, not just the folks on Wall Street. Let's never forget who the real boss is. I work for those people, they don't work for me."
"I would consider it the highest honor of my life, if you would give me the opportunity not to rule, but to serve."
Mike Huckabee is a candidate for the people, of the people, by the people. I hope for the sake of our entire country that we have not seen the last of Mike Huckabee

Gambit said...

Oh trust me. We have not seen the last of Mike Huckabee. The 2008 campaign was only chapter 1 in Mike Huckabee's journey in becoming a President of the United States. Huckabee has opened the eyes of millions (close to 4 million to be exact) and as a result, the Christian community, the conservative community, and the Republican party will forever be changed for the better. Hopefully the rest of the United States will wake up and realize how great of a leader Mike Huckabee is, was, and always will be.

CocoaMo said...

Once again, Mike Huckabee shows what an intelligent, honorable, man of integrity that he is. His understanding of the human spirit, positive approach to whatever is thrown at him and choice to always take the higher road should be an inspiration and example to all of us. Mike Huckabee didn't lose the nomination - America lost the opportunity to put this once in a lifetime candidate into the White House. Let's hope John McCain, who prides himself on reaching across the isle, realizes that putting this man on the ticket with him will help to bring this nation together.

Gary Wiram said...

No doubt, Obama is an excellent speaker (though I'd put Governor Huckabee up against him any day) and this was a good speech … about race. What I was looking for from Obama’s speech had nothing to do with “… color … of skin …” My interest was “… content of … character” … Obama’s character and why his judgment would lead him to associate himself so long-term and so intimately with a church that has advocated and even championed many comments that Obama now condemns. Obama’s speech addressed none of this.

Anonymous said...

I like everything I have heard about Mike Huckabee. I voted for Mike.

He seems to be the only one who wants to help households such as mine. I have two jobs and lots of health expense for someone in my family. It's tough.

I like Mike. He's worked in the broadcasting (radio) business - and he could help those of us who have been in the business all our lives; I love radio. I've been in the business since age 15. I can't begin to tell you how much I love my career, my job, the people I work with.

But, our pay isn't what it was a few years back. Many veteran broadcasters are in dire straits - the fair tax system could help make ends meet in a great way. The taxes take so much....from the Americans who work hardest & struggle every single day to have the essentials of having a good life.

I wasn't happy as a rich air talent in Atlanta. I'd be the happiest person I could be - totally - if I could earn more and prevent my tax dollars from going to the lazy, the un-motivated, the illegals, the people who ride the system all their lives & have one kid after another!

There are NO government benefits for those of us who work their tails off night & day, weekends and holidays. We don't even mind doing so....we've adjusted our lives to do such. We're happiest behind a control board than anywhere else in the world. Mike has worked in radio, he loves radio. It gets "into the blood" so to say. If Mike has "done radio" he loved the business as I do.

I so very much want Mike to consider being McLain's running mate. I think he could help his friends in radio.....greatly, and I'd welcome his input & help.

Thanks, Huckabee fans for reading my post. We're pulling for you, Mike. Truly. We need you & there's a bunch of us out here.


RadioLady Houston
(Go Huck 2008!!)