Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mike Huckabee's New Political Action Committee

April 15th, "just another Spring day" as Mike Huckabee likes to say, when speaking about the need for the United States to reform its extremely flawed taxation system, using the FairTax as his model of reform. 2008's April 15 turned out to be more than the annual national "tax day" since 1955, nor was it simply the annual commemoration of Jackie Robinson's Major League Baseball debut back in 1947. This year was a bit different. Mike Huckabee officially announced his new Political Action Committee (PAC), in hopes of getting conservative, Republican political candidates that Mike Huckabee has researched, elected into the Senate and House of Representatives. The organization's name is Huck PAC.

Mike Huckabee's "failed" first attempt at getting elected President of the United States really wasn't a failure. In fact, he was able to garnish well over 4 million votes within a span of 3 months and 13 months of almost non-stop campaigning. This was an extraordinary feat for a no-name politician (nationally) with little to no financial and political support to accomplish. Ever since his withdrawl from the presidential race, Huckabee mentioned several times that he planned to help get conservative candidates elected into Congress, along with helping John McCain become the next President. A man of his word, Mike Huckabee called the McCain campaign several times since he dropped out, but received no instructions from them when Huckabee asked what he could do for the 2008 presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Update: John McCain asked Mike Huckabee to campaign with him in Huckabee's home state of Arkansas.

Instead of "waiting around for phone to ring" from the McCain camp, Huckabee decided to keep the other promise he made to his supporters: to be proactive in finding, researching, endorsing, and supporting conservative candidates to help them get elected into Congress... as well as continue to fight to keep the ideas, ideals, principles, and values that got him so far in this year's race and into politics in the first place.

There is another organization (independent from Mike Huckabee) that launched less than a week after Huckabee dropped out. The F3 Coalition (faith, family, freedom) was formed from the inspiration given by Mike Huckabee, attempting to accomplish the same goals of Huck PAC. Utilizing members' input, F3 will attempt to find, research, and support the best conservative choice in this year's local, state, and national candidates for the House and Senate in all 50 states.

So after all of the media and (Huckabee) supporter speculation and predictions of what Mike Huckabee's new website will become and what Mike Huckabee will do next, we finally see what the former Governor of Arkansas plans to do in the next 7 months. No, he wasn't going to launch a new talk show on TV or radio (yet). No, he wasn't going to announce that McCain picked him as the Vice Presidential nominee. What Mike Huckabee did yesterday, April 15th, what he always does; keep his word by helping the Republican party and ultimately, the United States, get back to its roots of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

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Al said...

Great comments Gambit. This just goes to show Mike's detractors that he is indeed a man of his word. And that is something to be cherished in todays political landscape.