Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mike Huckabee: "No More Slack-Cutting" to Jeremiah Wright

Almost exactly a month ago, Mike Huckabee went on MSNBC's Morning Joe and told the American public to cut some slack for Jeremiah Wright because we don't really know what Wright went through as an African American growing up in and living through a segregated America. In light of the recent public appearances Jeremiah Wright has made and his willingness to further fan the flames that he has caused for Barack Obama, Governor Huckabee made another appearance on MSNBC. This time, he was a guest on Dan Abrams' show called "Verdict," to comment that what Jeremiah Wright is saying and doing is "crazy," is "utter nonsense," and explains why all of this "absurd."

I have tried very hard to not blog about anything that's not positive "vertical politics," that's not Huckabee-related, and that doesn't promote Mike Huckabee and his conservative causes. However, this is a very important issue and because Mike Huckabee is weighing in on it, I will blog my personal analysis and theories as to WHY Jeremiah Wright has been doing what he's doing: causing an even bigger divide amongst blacks and whites in America, continuing his anti-American rhetoric, and further causing grief for his "pupil," Barack Obama.

I kept asking myself: WHY? Why is Jeremiah Wright coming out and conducting his media tour, reigniting and fanning the dying flames of this whole controversy. I kept wondering, just like millions of Americans, why is Wright purposely causing more problems for both himself and for Barack Obama?

Back when this controversy originally broke in March, starting a national debate and outrage, Obama knew he could not throw his pastor and "spiritual mentor," "under the bus." He still needed his supporters to keep supporting and trusting in him and his calls for "change," "yes we cans," "hope," and "believe." If he completely disavowed Wright back then, he most likely would have lost a good chunk of his "hardcore" supporters... supporters Obama needs to carry him through the rest of this year to the presidency.

What did Barack Obama do in response to this controversy when it first made national news? He waited an entire week (to see if this controversy would just go away), before he was finally forced to make a speech hailed by most media pundits, as the most important speech about race in recent memory. He was even being compared to great speakers in American history, such as Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

Obviously, that was far from the truth, because Obama's "race speech" did nothing but blame racism in America on everyone (including his own grandmother) but himself or Jeremiah Wright. In fact, Mike Huckabee did more to help Obama out with his short, 7 minute appearance on Morning Joe, than Obama did in his 47+ minute "historical" speech. Regardless, Obama escaped that period of this controversy, mainly because the media was tired of talking about racism and tired of bashing their golden boy, Barack Obama.

Which brings me once again to this question: Why did Jeremiah Wright suddenly come out and do what he did, making national and international headline news for 4 days straight, when he didn't make a peep about this for over an entire month? Why did Wright seemingly "throw" Obama "under the bus" NOW and not back when the fire was still burning? Why did Wright make more outrageous comments specifically geared towards this controversy and the Obama candidacy?

I believe he did it for 2 main reasons. The first reason is quite obvious: The fact that Wright loves the attention and because he is a racist, anti-American megalomaniac who believes he is this generation's version of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, combined. Like Mike Huckabee said in the video above, Wright wants the attention all of his terrible, divisive comments bring. But there is another reason why I personally believe Wright is doing what he's doing. And that's to actually HELP Barack Obama. That's right, you heard me correctly. I said he is actually helping Barack Obama. How?

Because this is all about the general elections in November, not the primary elections happening right now. The big prize is the Presidency. Obama knows he could lose every state from now until the last contest in early June (which he won't) and still get the nomination. Him and his campaign knows this fact. That's why Obama doesn't really care if this sudden outburst of Wright's hurts him in the short-term, as long as it helps him out in November. I believe they secretly planned for Wright to come out and do what he's doing right now....

By doing what he did, Wright gave Obama the best opportunity and excuse to distance and disassociate himself from the anti-American and racist comments he (Wright) made on the pulpit. If anyone ever asks, Obama can just say that he never asked Wright to say these things and that he was merely responding to Wright's recent comments. Obama is playing the "victim card," acting like he is outraged and saddened by Wright's decision to "throw him under the bus." Obama can then say to Republicans and critics in November: "I already dealt with my ex-pastor's crazy remarks all the way back in March and April."

This is all an elaborate scheme Obama, his campaign, and Jeremiah Wright came up with to keep their core constituency and also for Obama to show the rest of America who's not yet sold on the Obama phenomenon, that he is nothing like his insane ex-pastor and mentor. Everything was done to make it SEEM like Barack Obama is the polar opposite of Jeremiah Wright and that he is above racism and anti-Americanism. To put it simply, Obama and Wright are playing "good cop, bad cop."

Obama had very little choice but to do what he has done. He did not want to do the RIGHT thing and admit fault for being a pupil of Jeremiah Wright's for over 20 years, back when this whole controversy started in March. He did not have an excuse for sitting in the pews for so many years, along with his wife and kids, and plead ignorance to all the hateful speeches Wright has made all these years. He could not throw Wright "under the bus" last month because he still needed his core supporters to keep trusting and believing in him, thinking he is a loyal black man that supports and defends his "family" and friends.

The ugly truth is, Barack Obama has always shared the same ideology as his "spiritual mentor." Wright even admits it in the speeches he made recently, but you must listen carefully to understand the hidden meaning behind his words.... that Obama has always been an egotistical elitist and racist like himself (Wright). The difference between Obama and Wright is, like Wright himself said, Obama's a politician and he (Wright) is a Reverend. Both of whom are fakes in their chosen professions.

Mike Huckabee got it half right in his appearance on the "Verdict." I agree with most of his comments, except for one very important part. Jeremiah Wright did do this on purpose. Both Wright and Obama are very intelligent individuals. They know exactly what they're doing and had this whole thing planned out. They always knew that Obama had to deal with this problem eventually. There was no better time and no better way to deal with it than they have just done. I applaud Wright and Obama for their amazing scheme and their impeccable timing. They have almost everyone fooled and wondering "what in the world is going on?"

Regarding Wright's "I'm coming after you" comment to Barack Obama: There is no way we can verify that he actually did tell Obama this over a year ago. It was just another line Wright threw in there to make this scheme sound more credible. He wants to make it look like he has betrayed Obama and that he's not on Obama's side, when in fact, he is and always will be. Again, I applaud Wright and Obama for their brilliance along with their ability to confuse and trick the American media and the American public. It is politics at its best (or worst, if you ask me).

Mike Huckabee has been saying recently, it's not 1 particular controversy or issue that kills politicians. In the end, it is the cumulative effect of many, many controversies and issues with political candidates that kills their candidacy. "Death by 1,000 cuts."

Obama has successfully covered his butt for November on this one particular (major) issue. But I am positive we'll see a lot more skeletons in Obama's closet the next 6 months. Whether or not he can weather them all, tricking voters, and still be elected as our next President... only time will tell.


NY Catholic Mom said...

Huckabee seems to be bending over backwards to give Wright the benefit of the doubt, but maybe it's because he doesn't want to slam another pastor. That wouldn't look too good.

Gambit said...

At first, yes. Mike Huckabee was trying to understand why Jeremiah Wright said what he said and was giving Wright the benefit of the doubt. This is probably because Huckabee has personal experience with many African American pastors and because of his upbringing in the segregated south (Arkansas).

However, since Wright's recent comments, Governor Huckabee is no longer trying to defend Jeremiah Wright. Huckabee realizes that Wright "went off the deep end," thus, his "no more slack-cutting" remark in his recent appearance on MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

youre only half right. First this is not about the general election. Obama has been on the skids and his chances of getting the nomination are down to almost nothing. In fact if there werent a controversy over Florida and Michigan it wouldnt be an issue.
I do think this started out as a way for Wright to help Obama and like all wrong things done for the wrong reasons it spun out of control. Wright going public was a ploy to give Obama the chance to distance himself from Wright without looking like a liar and hypocrite so he was going to be given a fresh chance.I think it was all orchestrated by the Obama campaign.But once Wright got into the limelight he couldnt help himself. This was his moment in the sun and when he said Obama was just another politician doing and saying what politicians do, it was telling the truth. And its the end for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article - but I don't agree with a word of it -
I think Obama is getting his distance from Pastor Wright because he is a politican and does not want to lose the white vote in Indiana and North Carolina - however, I am a senior African American citizen and he has lost my vote.

I started worrying about Obama with his "words" of change - change in the old politicans of Washington DC - yet he accepted the endorsements of Kerry, Kennedy and many many others - just another Washington DC politican.

Then there is the problem of the Church, The Pastor, The Wedding, The Children Baptism, how could you go through 20 years of a Church without knowing anything about your Pastor - who could possibly say that - and if that were the truth - who would want that unaware person as our President.

Hope - well Hope was when Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt was in New Orleans helping the community with reconstruction and Hillary attending an assembly to bring Hope back to the citizens - the ones that did not even cast their vote for her - Obama - well he was too busy with his campaign to attend - he already got their votes - a Politican - and even left Penna before the last votes were counted.

I am pleading with my brothers and sisters in Indiana and North Carolina to vote with their hearts not for color such as most of my relatives and friends in Mississippi and Louisiana did - he threw his Pastor under the bus - who next - I know what the word is on the street - but I assure you whichever candidate wins the nomination YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR A LIVING REGARDLESS.

Think long and hard for what best will serve us in the future.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely positively agree with you -- I, too, think it was all planned for the very reasons you stated. We americans need to wake up -- this is a run for the presidency of our country! Obama has NO EXPERIENCE, has had little if any scrutiny, and yet he is a serious presidential contender! What is wrong with my fellow citizens -- are we all so stupid?! I know this will sound racist to Obama lovers but I'm not racist and I feel it needs to be said -- being black, asian, hispanic, jewish, in other words, "a minority", doesn't automatically qualify one to be president. I feel Obama has slid his way up this presidential path far too easily (because he is a well spoken, goodlooking, smoothtalking guy of color) -- he has NO EXPERIENCE and has had little if any scrutiny. If he were white, I don't think he would have gotten this far -- maybe, after all he is a smoooooth talker, but not likely. And because he happens to be of mixed heritage (which I don't consider to be a big deal)/black/whatever, everyone who critiques him is considered racist -- what a scam.
The superdelegates know Hillary is the stronger nominee, and yet because Obama gamed the system by sweeping the caucuses, the democratic party is in a quandary.
If he wins the nomination, and if then beats McCain, we are in big trouble.

Andrew T. Biddinger said...

Hey, great blog!!
We must stand for America and conservatism. Go Mike also!!
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